Participants Needed

We are looking for participants between ages 25 and 45 to investigate the relationship between diet, gut function, and stress.

The research team is looking for healthy adults between the ages of 25-45. The study will consist of two 5-week periods, separated by 3-5 weeks. Participants will drink a provided beverage once per day. Beverages will be picked up from Freer Hall at the University of Illinois one day per week. Participants will be asked to visit the lab 5 times over the course of the study (3 hours per visit) to complete questionnaires, bone density scans, computer tests, and blood draws. In addition, 4 stool and urine samples will be collected.

For your participation, you will receive a $75 gift card after week 5, and a $125 gift card at the end of the study.

To sign up for a 15 minute phone screening to see if you qualify, please contact us at or 217-300-1667.